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My Mini Documentary Recap

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Last April my lovely intern Blake made this awesome mini documentary about my artistic process + journey. Today I want to share it, and some more insight into my story, with you!

I always possessed an interest in the arts. From a very young age, I enjoyed making things. My mother encouraged me to create whatever my little heart desired, but it never occurred to me that art could be my job. Coming from a working class and immigrant family, financial security and a strong work ethic were more important than passion. As a kid, I loved playing dress up. I was always putting together cute outfits and showing them off to my family. This continued into my teenage years. During high school, I took every art elective I could.

I went to college at Johnson and Wales University and earned a Business degree in Fashion. I moved to New York City after my graduation and started my career in the fashion industry. While I was still able to use my creativity in some ways, it was a lot of spreadsheets and allocating goods. I liked my job, but I didn't love it. My passion remained hidden until I became pregnant.

I attribute my transition into art to my daughter. When I became pregnant with Aaliyah, I had this extreme desire to create and work with my hands. I was in a rigid place trying to do everything right in preparation for motherhood. Turning to abstract art, I found a safe place to express myself freely and make mistakes. It was in this beautiful state of being — where my body and my mind were creating in unison — I found my passion.

Creating my art is an intuitive exploration. There is no grand plan or master design. I simply put whatever I feel onto my canvas. I began in Abstract art because I was attracted to its forgiving qualities. Every “mistake” is just another layer that creates depth. I can change my mind and change it again, and the outcome is always beautiful.

My work can be directly influenced by my feelings. From the release of emotions in The Hope Series, to the expression of darkness in my Black & Blue Series, the layers and depth in my paintings are a reflection of the journey I went on creating it.

I am so glad I had the chance to create this documentary to share my process with you (thanks again Blake)!



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