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Music Becomes Magic in my Art Gallery!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Closing out 2019, I welcomed a new opportunity and journey into the the studio: hosting a gallery concert. Working with Sofar Sounds, I am excited to leap into 2020 with the determination and excitement to host a series of concerts with talented musicians.

With local Austin music lovers RSVPing for secret performances, Sofar books touring acts, local musicians, and international talent while working with imaginative hosts like myself. I couldn't have been more delighted with the turn out on Friday, Dec. 27. With attendees arriving to my space at Thornton Roads Studios after receiving the full surprise details (location and performers), I was starting to see that spark in their eyes. Finding their seats, laying down blankets, getting cozying with friends and family, and popping open their refreshments, the music lovers all settled into the intimate setting I created for them.

If having eyes on my original work wasn't enough, I was delighted when JAM Now, Micah Marcos, and Lauren Lakis walked into the studio as the evenings musical artists. Each radiating excitement and nervousness for the Sofar spotlight, they sat with me and shared a little about themselves as attendees patiently waited for the show to begin.

An added plus to the night was when I raffled off a $100 gift card towards my original work to give away to one of the lucky attendees who signed up for my mailing list during the event.

Want to know when the next gallery concert is?
Due the the secretive nature of Sofar's events, you would have to sign up for my mailing list here for an exclusive invite for shows in my studio and gallery space.

To view all the photos, click here! Remember to tag yourself :)

About the artists

JAM is a young touring acoustic singer-songwriter who has recorded at Jack Johnson’s studio radiates positivity and an "easy-going" outlook on life. Captivating an audience with his dreamy vocals and infectious smile, he shares his original lyrics and jams out to musical classics like "Come Together" by The Beatles.

Listen to his music here.

Micah Marcos
Micah is a local Austin musician who is very active with Sofar in the Austin area. Giving you a folk-pop sense from his music, his lyrics flow with subtle romanticisms and delicate honesty.

Listen to his music here.

Lauren Lakis
Visiting us from L.A., Lauren's dark and moody lyrics grab you with their haunting and raw emotion. The edgy vibrato of her guitar compliments her light and "whisper-like" singing style which lulls any listener into a dark, romantic trance.

Listen to her music here.

Check out each of the artist's instagram for more details:
@jam_now, @micah_marcos, @laurenlakis


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