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Meet my Gallery Assistant, Kalista Tamez!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Behind every great woman, is another great woman! The saying couldn't be anymore true in the case of my fabulous partner in crime, Kalista Tamez! She came to me in February of 22' a spirited, ambitions 21-year-old ready and willing to take the world of art by storm and oh how she has! Kalista is my vivacious, wildly talented, bad-ass assistant that keeps me on my toes (and on time) while offering her unsurpassed support and dedication.

What is your favorite thing about Julie's art?

Her original paintings carry so much meaning, texture, color (I LOVE), and vibrancy. I appreciate how bold Julie is in all of her work- she truly trusts her intuitions and follows her heart when painting each individual piece in which she allows the paint brush and her soul to lead the way throughout her abstracts. There is an element within her paintings that legitimately lures you in- whether a varnished or resin piece, the lighting hits it differently in every space and presents a beautiful new perspective about the painting.

Feminist Artist- Julie proudly advertises herself as such, how does this transcend in the workspace?

Julie truly embodies that exact thing- a feminist artist who supports women endlessly in all of their endeavors. She does not just paste that title- she truly lives it in her practice and throughout her life. This is what attracted me the most to this position and Julie herself when initially job searching; that statement sold me as I strongly desired to be in a women-led business and workspace filled with feminist mantras more than anything. The moment that I entered Julie's gallery for my interview, I felt so much love, passion, ease, warmth, and encouragement. Julie & I connected instantaneously and for that I am forever grateful. There is no prestigious or intimidating vibe from Julie or her art gallery as she and her artwork are so welcoming and generous. I appreciate this so much about her as she firmly believes that art is for EVERYONE- with this, she invites all to come to her art gallery to feel and take home the love that she puts into legitimately all of her work. With her feminist ideals, she supports all and ensures that she creates the most supportive and fruitful workspace that I have ever been a part of.

Not only am I ridiculously inspired by her beautiful art, but I am so impressed by her ability to market her business like a BOSS. She is truly a force and her ability to navigate her business in legitimately all avenues is out of this world- she is a fantastic creative businesswoman. Julie had worked in the fashion industry prior to discovering her flaming passion for visual art and her experiences in that field have highly influenced her dedication to providing top-notch customer service within her own business (which we know we all love!). We work tirelessly to provide her clients the best care through efficient communication, offering rendering services before proceeding with purchases, creating custom art specific to clients' desires (commissions), scheduling gallery appointments for you to see the artwork in person, and even delivering artwork to Austin locals! Julie loves cultivating relationships with her clients and I love that so much. Although her business is a small business, it is a mighty one for sure!

I am so grateful to be surrounded by this gracious woman who truly wants to see other women succeed, feel confident in their sexualities, and speak their truths. Thank you so much, Julie, for welcoming me into your business as your marketing + gallery assistant. It is the greatest honor and I will never be able to fully articulate how appreciative I am of you and your impact through art and your gorgeous soul. Julie has been the most wonderful mentor artistically, business-wise, and in life itself. I have gained so much incredible insight from this brilliant woman and I am ridiculously privileged to help her business grow even more. Every day is a blast with her and we compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses so well- we are a team and I love that more than I can express! There is so much joy in her gallery and there is never a day that I dread going to work because it is truly the brightest experience each work day!!

What do you do in your spare time? If there is any? I'm sure that working for Julie keeps you pretty busy!

My spare time includes indulging in being the creative director in most of my personal artistic endeavors. I recently started my own Editorial Fashion Photography Business, Captured by Kalista (Instagram: @artbykalistatamez), and I have been working tirelessly to amp up my portfolio, recognition, and knowledge. Aside from running my own business, I absolutely love acting and am currently leading in an Austin-based short film that I cannot wait to officially share! Meeting fellow creatives inspires me beyond belief- I am so grateful to be within a realm of passionate people aiming to create meaningful art. Music is another significant influence in my life and singing is one of my deepest loves. I am working to record a ton of covers professionally which is so exciting and will lead me to begin the journey of writing my own music grounded in the genres of R&B, Jazz, Blues, and even Spanish! Aside from my creative work, I absolutely love spending time with my wonderful family & friends, watching refreshing television and films, and experiencing Austin culture.

Julie has been the greatest mentor not only at work, but in my own artistic endeavors- I am learning so much about how to market myself, create and sustain my business, and to balance my time. I definitely would not be pursuing as much as I currently am without the inspiration, guidance, and support from her. So, Julie, thank you for being the best art mama!!!!



Kalista ❤︎


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