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Meet the Interns: Summer 2019

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Get to know our phenomenal summer interns!

Social Media Marketing Intern

I’m really passionate about working with children and volunteering in the community. I babysat in high school and even now through college and I love getting to spend time with them because you never know what they’re going to say or do.

I love music and getting to play guitar and sing when I get the chance. Other than that, I play a lot of basketball and hang out with friends. My favorite thing to do is going out to eat with friends. Shout-out to the Panda Express in the Union at UT.

My entire family is taking a trip to the Bahamas in the middle of August! I’m super excited for it because all my siblings will be there and I’m finally getting my chance to show off my summer bod.

I’m not sure, but I let Chelsea (the other intern) give me a stick and poke that turned out awful so as long as it isn’t from her I don’t really care.

I’m really good at lying in interviews. Julie still thinks I have my masters in marketing from Yale.

Starting a family. One hundred percent. My dream is to be a stay-at-home dad with my three kids while my doctor wife works. I’d be an amazing trophy husband.

I think I’m really good at empathizing with people and trying to be open-minded and meet people where they’re at.

I wanted to work here because after talking to Julie and Chelsea (Pribble) it seemed like I’d be getting great marketing experience while also having a ton of fun. Julie is amazing and really cares about her interns and making sure we’re learning a lot and having a good time. Also, her art is dope everyone should buy it.

I still have one more year at UT so for right now my only goal is graduating and then after that I have absolutely no idea. Hopefully this is the year I meet my doctor wife-to-be and you guys can catch me in Westlake in a couple years.

Content and Marketing Intern

I probably care too much about everything. Specifically: every dog I’ve ever seen, my parents, my friends, and food (in that order). Also, the creative projects I’m currently working on.

Recently, I just try to relax. My schedule is so full that whenever I have any time I read, go to a movie, or just have a drink with some friends. If the mood strikes I’ll make a witty cross stitch.

I’m taking a massive road trip at the end of the summer. I’ll be meeting my family in Colorado, and then I’m going to explore the Pacific Northwest and California.

I have several ideas. Either my grandmas name spelled with a needle and thread, or a laurel crown of olive branches. Also, if I ever offer to give you a stick and poke, deny me. I don’t care how cute I am or how much you want one.

I’m an excellent dancer. Not like classically trained excellent (like the other Chelsea). More of a shake my booty and tango excellent.

That the magazine I have started will become profitable so I can pay my contributors, and maybe even myself!

My communication skills. They mean everything to me. I learn so much from those around me because I know how to listen and contribute.

Firstly, Julie’s art really appealed to me. Its so expressive and free. Secondly, I wanted to learn about Marketing. I’m more of a writer and editor, so I wanted to learn something new. Julie and Chelsea have so much knowledge, and it’s all about women supporting women. We’ve only been in the internship for a few weeks and I already feel like I know so much more about the marketing process.

Who knows! I have started Reclamation Magazine of which I am serving as the editor. It is a creative magazine for local women. The work that is featured explores the darker side of femininity. Specifically the challenges the artists face within societal structures, mental health, trauma, relationships, and sexuality. A lot of work has gone into it, so hopefully with the first issue coming out July 1st I’ll be able to ride that momentum!


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