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"Gotta Have More Cowbell!"

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

My latest piece is filled with all sorts of goodies, including crushed vintage glass beads, oil pastels, texture paste and layers and layers of acrylic paint.

Perhaps you already got the joke on the title of the piece and know what I'm talking about. I recently was looking to book a band to celebrate my husband's 40-something birthday at the same time that I was creating this piece. I came across a local rock cover band with great reviews called, "More Cowbell". I had no clue what it was referring to and didn't get the inside joke. So I looked it up and found this SNL skit starring Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell.

I can not tell you how hard this video made me laugh. On top of it, my daughter watched the video and would repeat some of the lines from the skit to me at random. The good ol', "I've got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell." is hysterical when it's coming out of the mouth of a 6 year old. We didn't end up booking the band, but we kept more cowbell and all the laughs and giggles that went along with it.

For those of y'all who have the same quirky sense of humor as I do. This piece is for you!

I also added some vintage glass beads that I've had since I was a teenager into the piece. There are just a few sprinkled in for texture and added interest. Below are some videos of the process work with the glass beads.

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