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How to Save BIG on Boxing your Large-scale Art!

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Shipping is so expensive nowadays...I hope that this tip can support artists in their art sales!

1. Seal your Art with Plastic Wrap

2. Bubble Wrap around your now plastic-wrapped artwork

3. Use a UHAUL Flat Screen TV box ($20)

4. Within the UHAUL TV box, there are foam corner holders that you place around the corners of your wrapped artwork to ensure a snug, safe fit in the box

5. Once you have placed the foam corner holders on your artwork, you will then place it in the box

6. Now you will need to wrap the box with plastic wrap

7. To tape the box further, make sure to use SHIPPING TAPE with a dispenser instead of regular packing tape

8. Tape from side to side of the box making sure to wrap over the edges. Seal all perforated handles with tape after saran wrapping the entire box

9. Create your shipping labels and be sure to add a label that says 'FRAGILE ART'

10. BOOM! Your artwork is now safely packaged at a more affordable price!



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