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Hello & Welcome to My Blog!

Being very visual, writing is not a strength of mine and I don't often do it. However, I did want to create a space that could allow you to get to know me better. I strongly believe that knowing the artist makes the work much more interesting and comprehensive to the viewer.

I want to also disclose that this blogging program does not seem to have a spell checker, for those of you that are grammatically gifted you may find some errors here and there.

Apologizes in advance, I’m more interested in getting into the rhythm of writing and sharing rather than getting caught up in errors or delivering Pulizer Prize winning articles!

I will also keep you up-to-date on events, new art, specials, etc. Let this space also serve as a documentary of a rising artist, I may be new to the world of fine art, but I plan on staying here for a while.

There is a quote that I love and have pinned to my bulletin board that sits above my desk,

“Devote yourself to an idea. Go make it happen. Struggle on it, overcome your fears, smile and don’t forget this is your dream…”

I really love the mention of the struggle in making your dreams come true. When you hear success stories, they only seem to give you the highlights rather than the play by play. It makes it all seem so easy. Then when you step foot along your path and you find yourself at a road block, it can be discouraging and perhaps make you doubt yourself. I am going to send this out to the world, and this is just as much for you as it is a reminder to myself, “Expect the struggle! Embrace it, it’s all a part of the process and let’s you know your doing it right!


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