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Creativity Sparks, New Works!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I've managed to get some time in the studio to create a few new pieces and my oh my it feels great to get back at it again!
I love the texture and the way the pinks play off the green in these pieces.

Named for recycled canvas that took on two other faces before reaching its final composition. Easy Come, Easy Go is Mixed Media on Recycled Canvas 36" x 36".

A sister to "Easy Come, Easy Go", this design and style is inspired by "Hidden Dragon".
Rolling with It is Mixed Media on Canvas, 48" x 36".

"Lavender Slumber" invites one in for a perfect nights sleep. With calming shades of light pink and purple, this pure white and relaxing painting evokes that feeling of bed sheets, comfort, and REM cycle dreams. Lavender Slumber is Mixed Media on Canvas 60" x 30".

Still vibrating with the aftershock of love from Valentine's day? This original work will spark feelings of romance and lull you away in the calming blues and pretty pinks.
Lost in Love is Mixed Media on Canvas, 60" x 40".

Thanks for supporting my art and allowing me to continue to do what I love. If you know someone who you think may enjoy my art, please send them my website!


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