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Collector Series No. 4 : Meagan Jones, Badass Attorney!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We talk extensively about supporting local businesses and #buyingsmall, but when do we ever thank customers for their patronage? This series of posts is meant to honor the unsung heroes who recognize the hard work, passion and dedication we put into our craft and shine the light back onto them. Without them, we couldn't continue to do the work that we love and for that I am so grateful.

Next up is BADASS Family Law Attorney at Maples | Jones, PLLC, Meagan Jones!

Owner of 4 "Precious Mineral" Series paintings!

From Top to Bottom, you see Precious Mineral pieces

No. 2/100, 5/100, 1/100, 3/100

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Meagan Jones and I am a Family Law Attorney at Maples | Jones, PLLC in Barton Hills.

How did you discover Julie Ahmad Contemporary Art? Why do you buy original art? Is this the first piece of original art you have ever owned? What does it mean to you to support a local artist?

Julie and I have several mutual friends and participate in some of the same organizations. Through knowing her on a personal level, I was introduced to her art. There is something special about being able to see the actual paint strokes- this is similar to that of listening to music live vs. the recorded version. Now we own several pieces of original art. Since moving to Austin, most of the art we have purchased is from Austin artists and/or centered around Austin. We love where we live and it’s important to support our city.

What drew you to this original piece of art? Why this piece?

Julie brought several pieces over to our house ('Try Before You Buy' service) to help us finish some areas that I would describe as problem areas when it came to design. She took the time to try different combinations of art with items we already owned. In the end, we ended up with the perfect combination of art, décor, and functional use in the space.

How did you feel about the space before you added the artwork and how does it feel now?

The space was honestly not even something I wanted to address. It was outside of my comfort zone and I would probably still be moving items around on a daily basis. Now that there are multiple pieces from Julie's small originals collection, "Precious Mineral" Series, my built-ins are so much more lively and complete.

What was the journey like leading up to your finding of this piece?

Once we had Julie on board, it was easy. Julie provided us with a lot of options that fit with our décor and style. It is great that we have several pieces that we can keep in their current placing or move in the future, if we decide.


Julie's Precious Mineral Series is a collection of small, mini paintings on wood panel to complete your built-ins, desks, nightstands, etc. with meaningful original art instead of the typical Amazon tchotchkes. Each piece is under $300 and are also great gifts to give to loved ones! Get yours today ↓


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