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Behind the Scenes on my interview with Kara Bullock : "Celebrating Mother + Artist, Julie Ahmad"

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Abstract Artist Julie Ahmad is featured in article on balancing a career in art and parenting
It was a great honor to be asked to speak on life/work balance between juggling a career as an artist and parenting young kiddos. One of the premium benefits of being in this position is the ability to bring my children to work with me and show them the hard work that is involved in making it in this competitive industry.
Abstract Artist Julie Ahmad featured in article highlighting motherhood and a career in art.
Too often we are sold on the glamorous side of any profession. The fantasy of an occupation can blind one from the reality of what actually happens on a daily basis. I want to help my children navigate the realities of any profession they desire to enter based on my own experiences in the fashion industry, visual art world, and the beast of starting up my own business. Being an example for my children not only as a mother, but as a successful businesswoman is incredibly important to me.
Abstract Artist Julie Ahmad's son Nick.

Abstract Artist Julie Ahmad's daughter Aaliyah
I'm looking forward to providing my children with the best connections (so many amazing clients + friends) that I have gained throughout the years for whatever profession they are aspiring to pursue. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly learning and wish to grant my kids with that knowledge. Having them understand the reality of a job vs. the allure is crucial; I want them to know exactly what they are getting themselves into and to best prepare them for the tumultuous ups and downs on their road to success. I hope to be the absolute best guidance counselor for my kids in their journey to a rewarding career- whatever profession it may be.

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