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Austin Studio Tour 2022 was a Hit!

Cheers to another fantastic year of the annual Austin Studio Tour!! This tour allows the public a sneak peek into the artists' natural habitats where they create their magic! A wonderful turnout and so lovely seeing both familiar and new faces in my art gallery! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came by to appreciate the art and mingle, I truly feel so blessed and fortunate!

If you missed this year's tour, you are in luck as my art gallery is OPEN to the public Monday-Fridays from 11am-4pm- email me directly at to book a gallery appointment or walk-ins always welcome (if I or my assistant is in)!

A little background about the Austin Studio Tour...

"Divided into three categories, tour-goers can select between Artists that include studios or spaces featuring one or more artists, Dedicated Art Spaces that have Arts programming year-round, or Temporary Art Experiences with group exhibitions or space interventions created for the tour. Free and open to the public, the studio tour combines the former East and West Austin Studio Tours into one citywide event presented across three weekends in November. "


So grateful for all of my new and established peeps!!!!




36" x 48" Mixed Media on Canvas

This piece is very special to me as it symbolizes how women STRUT, rather than do what is known as the "walk of shame" (always imposed on women and rarely men). Filled with feminist mantras, STRUT is rich in texture and vibrant yellow/marigold tones- a color palette I have never used in my paintings. This piece was so much fun to create as I was jamming to EMELINE's song 'Strut' and felt empowered as ever!

The beautiful Marielle Lopez is my YOUNGEST EVER Collector!!!! This Queen made her first investment in Original Art and I could not be more honored to have her own one of my paintings. Marielle, thank you for supporting local artists and visiting my gallery at the tour! This piece was meant to be yours!!!!


Meet me at our Spot

36" x 48" Mixed Media on Canvas

Congratulations, Lynn for investing in 'Meet me at our Spot'!!! This piece is one of my favorites and compliments your space so perfectly! Lynn utilized my "Try Before You Buy" Complimentary Rendering Service that I offer to Austin Locals- this service allows for you to fully visualize the piece in your space. Such a lovely experience meeting Lynn at the first weekend of the tour and cultivating a friendship! You rock!!!


I Can Teach Ya

36" x 48" Mixed Media on Canvas

I had so many lovely tour-goers that were Austin locals and non-Texans just visiting during that timeframe! This beautiful gal was visiting all the way from Ohio and left with 'I Can Teach Ya'!!! I am so glad that this piece has found its home with you, Hillary! Thank you for supporting small businesses and for becoming one of my beloved collectors!!!!

Low-Key Rockstar

60" x 60" Mixed Media on Canvas

The most lovely couple invested in my showstopper, 'Low-Key Rockstar'!!!! I couldn't be happier that she is home with these beautiful, boss, & rockstar ladies- the piece fits your vibe so well! Katy & Celina are amazing local art collectors and I am honored that they invested in my artwork to add to their beautiful collection of gems. I appreciate y'all so much!

Always with Us I

18" x 18" Resin Mixed Media on Canvas

Mary Ann is a wonderful collector of mine who owns 'Marshmallow Skies' and now 'Always with Us I'!!! Thank you, gorgeous lady for collecting my original art and being so supportive of local artists! So lovely seeing you at the tour! This piece will look wonderful in your home!

Flying First Class

36" x 60" Resin Mixed Media on Canvas

This sweet family came to the tour and left with this baby!!! I am so grateful to now have y'all as collectors of mine and thank you so much for supporting my art as that is never taken for granted. So happy that my Jack Harlow inspired painting has found its forever home!!!!


Click here to view my current available Originals!

Come to the gallery to see the pieces in person (& I can absolutely set up a little happy hour for you while you browse through the space) 💙


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