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6 Reasons to Buy Original Artwork

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

So your moving up a bit in the world and you’ve got your new digs… you’ve bought your furniture and now you realize your walls are stark white and staring right back at you. It’s time to make some decisions, do you run out and get that framed art décor from Home Goods that everyone has or do you make an investment?

Consider these 6 reasons to buy an original piece of art directly from an artist.
1. Buying art is a very personal.
Beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to art. I can’t tell you how many times, I have a client come in and see something I’ve set aside because at the moment we were “broken up” and I need a break from the piece. They on the other hand, love it and decide that this is the one and before it’s even done are ready to purchase. The most important thing is to choose artworks that you really love.
2. You are buying a piece of the artists soul when you buy their work.
Make sure you like the artist it will have an effect on how you perceive the art. Often the more you know the backstory behind the piece or the motivation of the artist, the piece of art will literally change and give you a connection to it, making it more rich and adding to the overall joy it gives you. I don’t think Ikea can make the same claim.
3. Buying art supports artists directly, allowing them to continue to do what they love.
The more happy people there are in the world, the happier we all will become through our interactions with people. Joy is infectious, just as misery is… which one do you want to spread around? So really purchase responsibly.
4. Long gone are the days of stuffy galleries and snobbery.
Now thanks to the internet we can all self publish and get our work into the world without the approval of a very few calling the shots. This allows the people to decide what they want, artists are finding their way and one of the easiest ways to find them is on Instagram were they showcase their portfolios.
5. It’s not as expensive as you think.
A benefit of self-publication and artists selling their work directly is elimination of the middle man which can cut out cost dramatically and still allow the artist to make a living selling their work. Take advantage of this and support local artists.
6. Buy original artwork for its uniqueness.
Owning something that's all yours is an exciting thing. While some people want only what others have, it's always more interesting to have what others don't.

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