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Artist Statement, Modern Pet Art

“It’s All Gone to the Dogs” series is a collection of joyful pet portraits painted in a flat graphic style with bright colors and more often than not embellished in twinkling glitter.  


I work from photographs simplifying them into shapes while they are in digital form.  This allows me a pixel level of precision and the ability to playfully experiment with color.  The image is then printed on canvas, stretched and paint is applied with brush and hand.  Then the magic comes as I custom mix glitter to color match each shape. Time seems to stand still as excitement rushes through me when I apply a layer of glitter that brings forth movement to my pups as they come alive on the canvas.


I alternate between painting abstracts and pet portraits.  I need both the tightness and clarity of my dogs and the organic looseness of my abstracts to create balance.  Each process not only compliments the other but also, is essential to the other's vitality.  


A portion of the profits from this series goes to support Patriot Paws, an organization that's mission is to train and provide service dogs at the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans.  

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Artist Statement, Abstracts


“I attribute my life as an artist to my daughter.  When I was pregnant, I often felt this strong burning desire to be creative and work with my hands. There was some kind of organic correlation between my body being in the state of creation and my heart urging my hands to do the same.


I am most drawn to the forgiving qualities of acrylic paint and the loose nature of abstract art.  My work is an exploration of intuitive painting; not having the final outcome in mind from the start. The canvas leads and tells it’s own story. I, the artist, am merely a vehicle for the application.


There is nothing more satisfying than to observe those who view my work and experience an emotional reaction.  Each person has their own take on the art and more often than not, they have given me a perspective that I hadn’t noticed before. 


Each time I pick up the brush, it’s an exercise in letting go of control, judgment and perfection - a practice that also serves me greatly as a mother.“