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Artists Julie Ahmad, Billie Claire, Haley Lebeuf and Jennifer Pate are coming together to form Femme- Easta; an all female group of Austin artists showing together at Big Medium's East Austin Studio Tour this fall to present, “We Have Something to get off our Chest.” This showcase will feature current work from all the artists, as well as a unique, interactive installation that all attendees are encouraged to contribute.

Participants are invited to choose or create their own quote or phrase outlining a social construct that resonates with the individual and is something they “want to get off their chest”. For example, “Women aren’t catty, people are,” “I’m only a whore because my sexuality scares you,” or “Our rights do not diminish yours.”

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Then, participants will take a polaroid photo with their quote, and add their photo to a chalkboard wall under the phrase, “We have something to get off our chest...” which will be hand-lettered and illustrated by Billie Claire and Jenn Pate.


Through this installation, the artists hope participants will feel freed, validated, and find connections with others who feel the same. Our goal is to have as many participants contribute as possible.  Please see our Indiegogo campaign to see how you can get involved and support the project even before it's installed for the tour.

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"Slut shaming is not ok,I want women to stop internalizing it; and stop contributing to it. I don’t think women realize how much this bring us down and diminishes our power as a whole.


My hope is that more people will see sexuality as a source of energy, power and creativity that can be channeled and celebrated. Far too often the patriarchal view is present in our society that teaches us to be ashamed and not to embrace or even fully own our bodies.


I want women to know it’s okay to be sexual, it’s okay to be modest, it’s ok to experiment with the two and ultimately it’s most important to honor yourself."

Julie Ahmad

Visual Artist



“In regard to the current feminist climate, it seems that men often feel as though they are being attacked by women when we speak out about the indiscretion of other men, the indignities we face daily or when we simply speak of our frustrations,” Haley Lebeuf says. “They bemoan that this whole ‘movement’ is getting out of hand, and that they won’t be able to do anything in this post #MeToo world. Some men―and women―cling to the stories from these individuals that are not true, because they don't want to believe that men they looked up to could treat women so terribly."

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Haley Lebeuf

Designer & Jeweler

www.haleylebeuf.com @haleylebeuf

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"As a female business owner, being called a girl is very patronizing and belittling. It defines how I am being perceived, disqualifies what I have to say, and objectifies me by my appearance. Being a female business owner in my 20's should be seen as an accomplishment not a reason for me to prove my worth to anyone. I'm beyond grateful for all the inspiring women before me that have all fought for equal respect because it provides me with endless support and strength to continue the race."

Jennifer Pate aka Maridad

Designer & Illustrator

www.maridad.studio @maridad.studio

“I think the bottom line for me is: Can we all quit with the judging and actually show some acceptance for other people? It saddens me to think about how many times we pause in our actions based on what 'society might think' or 'what society expects from me.' Should I wear this crop top? I don't know, what if people think I'm fat. Should I ask for that raise? I don't know, I don't want to come across too strong, or too bossy. The bottom line before judging someone should be: Are they threatening my safety, or the safety of those around me? If not, then can't we just let them be who they want to be?"

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Billie Claire

Illustrator & Digital Artist


www.billieclaire.com @billieclairehandmade

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