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Featured Artists


"I began representing other artists from a deep desire to support other phenomenal talent that goes unrecognized. My passion for collecting and creating go hand in hand. Sourcing the perfect piece of art to complete a space is equally rewarding whether I've created it or not."

- Julie Ahmad 

Anna Kamburis Artwork: Night and Day

Illustrations + Paintings

Carol Stanley Aaron Artwork: Mid-Mod No. 5

Mid-Mod Encaustics

Julie Ahmad Abstract Artwork: Sky Full of Stars

Abstract + Geometric Paintings

Lucy MacQueen Artwork: Almost There

Acrylic & Gold Leaf Paintings

Savannalore Artwork: Dreams Never Sleep

Illustrations + Paintings

Caitlin G McCollom Artwork: Dark Veiled Tear

Framed Conceptual Paintings

Charlotte Schembri Artwork: Taste the Rainbow

Geometric Abstracts + Charcoal Drawings

Lisa Zinna Artwork: Lone Saguaro

Color Crazy Photo Art

Malti B Lee Artwork: Re-emerging in the City

Acrylic City + Floral Paintings

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From All Artists

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