Custom Pet Portrait


Pet portraits make a meaningful personal gift for somebody you love. It’s a great way to commemorate an anniversary, birthdays or simply to treat yourself!


They can also be a way to honor a beloved pet that has passed and provide some comfort in the grieving process.  No matter what the motivation for having this made, I’m honored for the consideration.


A pet portrait generally takes me 3 weeks - 3 months to complete depending on my work load. 


Here’s how it works:


​​1. All commissions require a good quality, clear photograph of your pet.  They must be in-focus, large and clear. The more details I can see in the photo, the more I can include in your portrait!  

Once your pet photo is approved, we will discuss the following...


2. Cropping, decide if you would like to have just your pets face painted, face & shoulders or if you would like to include the full body.


3. Background, select a color or have the background of the original photo included in the painting. 


4. Select a canvas size and indicate whether or not you would like to have your artwork embellished with a glitter overlay.  There is no upcharge for small glitter embellishment such as your pet's collar.  


My pet portraits have a pop art quality to them combining a flat, graphic style with bright colors and massive attention to detail to bring forth your pet’s unique personality.


5. After our initial conversation and after we feel that we both have a solid plan, I will send you an agreement contract.  This will outline the details of the project and will need to be reviewed and signed.


Click here to download a blank copy of the agreement.


6. A 50% deposit is required to begin the painting and the other 50% is due upon completion. I will send a paypal invoice for the deposit.


7. If you are unsure of selection you've made I can send you a mock up of the painting with the cropping parameters discussed and a few choices of different color background selections (if needed).


Creating a commissioned piece of art is not something I take lightly, I want this to be as comfortable and as enjoyable a process as possible.  


Please contact me if you have further questions and I will respond shortly.


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Examples & Options

jasper- photo.png
Jasper Orange small.jpg

pet portrait classic

reference Biggie.png
Biggie Bar-small.jpg

pet portrait, including background

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.58.45
Winnie Original Pink Glitter Collar.jpg

pet portrait with partial glitter embellishment

Misa Instagram 3.png
Flop n Flop.jpg

pet portrait with full glitter embellishment