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Artist Professional Development Workshops [ArtBoss, ATX]

Full Package $1000 + add-on course free

Course dates: Classes are limited to groups of 3 or less to insure one-on-one individual attention.  Please email to reserve a time and date.


Professional Development Workshop for Emerging Artists

Emerging Artist Workshop

Description: Turn your art into a lucrative business and become your own boss. As an #artboss, contemporary artist Julie Ahmad knows the ins and outs of being an art entrepreneur. With crash courses in four critical areas, you’ll learn how to market your art, apply for grants, and engage your target audience.


Full package includes four courses plus one FREE add-on course for $1000




Select individual courses   


Crash Courses:

Fundamentals of a Great Photo Shoot [$250]

Nail your photo shoots every time! Create quality content and engage your audience through social media. This course will teach you how to pick out clothing, pose, and find your best angles. Learn all you need to know about photo composition, lighting techniques, and location scouting to make the most of your photos.  


After our photo shoot, we will select 10-15 of the best shots and show you editing and post-production techniques to take your photos to the next level.


Digitize your Artwork [$200]

Make your artwork look clean and professional online. This course will teach you how to capture your artwork so you can produce high resolution gallery level prints that are perfect for your print business and/or transferable to your licensee in a snap. Either way, you will be ready to put your best canvas forward.

Grant Writing for Artists  [$250]

Get your art funded with grants!  This course will walk you through the city of Austin’s Professional Development grant application. Learning by doing will prepare you for future grant applications and refine your writing skills. We will also provide resources to help you tap into future opportunities.      


Website Development [$300]

Showcase your body of work with a professional website and take your business to the next level. This course will help you start or improve your website. Learn to choose the best font and layout, write clear copy, and build an online store. Leave with a website that impresses prospective employers, collaborators, and buyers.     


Add-on Course — SEO for your Website [$100]

Improve your SEO and get higher rankings! Learn how to direct organic traffic to your website by following our best-practices curriculum.  This will improve brand credibility, increase traffic and return on investment. Optimizing your website is essential in order to stand out in today’s competitive market.

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